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Wing Chun Hong Kong
Wing Chun in Hong Kong

The Wing Chun Kung Fu system is a scientific based system which relies on the principle that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The centreline theory which is the Centre line of any object is the centre point of that object. It is also the perpendicular line from the Centre of gravity of that object and supporting at the centre of gravity is actually supporting the weight of that object and the conservation of energy.

This means that the system traditionally only has 3 open hand forms, one wooden man form and 2 weapons forms, these form are the basis of the whole system for more information on the basics of these forms please view our school wiki page.


The Wing Chun beginner’s induction course gives the prospective new student a chance to see what the system is about and how it can work for them.

The sessions start off with a basic explanation of the theory and its structure. Students then participate in a class-training environment undergoing the practical training session in the basic stance, stepping and kicking movements and coordination drills incorporating hand drills such as punching for attack, palm strikes for defence and attack and finger strikes movements for defensive purposes only, also incorporating simple turning drills utilising the various hand drills.

We then take these drills and put them into a two-man set of drills for the practical hands on interaction side of training, then set out some pad drills to teach focus and coordination, with these same drills then applied in a self defence situation.

This foundation gives the students a chance to see how effective and practical Wing Chun is and how quickly it can be developed with practice, but it also gives the new students a chance to meet and interact with the instructors and get a feel for the teaching style within the school and where they are free to ask questions.

After the induction course should you may then become a member, which allows you to start to attend the normal classes. This is when a student becomes familiar with movements in the Wing Chun open hand forms; he or she should then start to understand more in depth about the theory and contents of each form as it applies to the student, in order to help the student establish the concepts of the Wing Chun system.

The first form a student learns is the Siu Lim Tao form also known as Little Idea Form this is the first form you will learn. It contains all the basic moves found throughout all of the hand forms. It contains the hand positions that are normally referred to as the three seeds of Wing Chun, Bong Sau (wing arm), Tan Sau (palm up hand) and Fook Sau (bridge on arm) this form is practiced in a stationery stance. This form helps develop power and focus.

After learning the basic hand forms students then progress to devleop a deeper understanding of the system by training in all hand forms and weapons forms starting with Chum Kiu then on to Muk Yan Jong to teach movement  and interaction followed by Biu Tze the attacking form in our system and on the Luk Dim Boon Kwan to start your development and understaning of the long range weapons followed by Baat Cham Do the cutting and thrusting and chopping actions of the knives which gives a complete understaning of the whole wing chun kung fu system  (Seeking the bridge, Wooden Man / Dummy, Thrusting Fingers, Long Pole and Eight cutting knives)

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