Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Ching Mo Chinese Arts Centre.

This is a service that we have been offering to our members for a number of years, and has proved very successful in the treatment of various conditions and sports injuries. Now that western medicine accepts that Chinese Medicine has a vast number of potentially beneficial treatments, it is becoming more acceptable to seek alternative treatments for more common ailments. It is believed that Chinese Medicine has been around for 5000 years, the methods used for diagnosis and treatment have been tried and tested throughout this period in many ancient eastern cultures, for more information regarding the benefits of treatments click this link British acupuncture guidelines

How Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Work

TCM has a natural healing effect and is aimed at treating the cause of the decease rather that the symptoms. Therefore an overall holistic approach is the usual course of action. Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine is based on various methods such as tongue, pulse and verbal expression. The energy in the body is called Ch’i and is thought to be the life force that all our bodies must have in balance. Today’s society demands that all methods of treatment be explored, therefore we look at the use of Acupressure, electrical impulse and acupuncture (the use of very fine needles), and we also use Moxabation. Moxa is a dried herb usually rolled in to a stick then set alight to and burned over the acu-point and is commonly used in conjunction with some treatments to aide speedy recovery of some ailments.

Chinese Medicine follows the theory of the 5 elements Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water; each element relates to an organ in the body and has specific requirements in regard to treatment. Thus we must look at the life style habits of the patient ranging from work, sleeping and diet, only when this type of consultation has taken place can a proper diagnosis be made, we run through a checklist of questions to determine the best course of action for you.

Liniments are used in many areas of Chinese Medicine therefore we carry a stock of the most common liniments for treating injuries.

Tien Chi Die Da Jing:

Zheng Gu Shui:

Dit Dar Jow:

Acupressure or Tui Na is the art of applying pressure to key points and areas around the body to stimulate and encourage the body’s natural healing process, with no side effects this form of treatment can also be practiced on yourself. With a little guidance you can be taught how to treat yourself, using many of the same points used in Acupuncture it has particular advantages for people with a phobia of needles. It has also been found that when combined with massage techniques and correct diet can be a very effective form of relieving stress.

Acupuncture is the skill of inserting fine needles into points of the body to stimulate the bodies energy channels called Meridians, it is believed that the bodies Meridians carry the vital Ch’i energy needed to allow the body to function correctly, and when that energy is blocked it shows up as a more common ailment. This is the point that we insert a needle into the correct point to release or stimulate the energy needed to correct the bodies balance. It is believed that this triggers the release of endorphins the neuro-chemicals that relieve pain.

Massage is the skill of manipulating the bodies muscles to relax, loosen and to take away some of the pain caused through sports injuries. The most common ailment that require treatment from massage are from bad posture, poor sleeping habits and lack of correct preparation prior to taking part in amateur sports. Massage is the ideal method of treating mild injuries as they have happened and should be used before and after sports to reduce the threat of damage the body.

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