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Professional Martial Arts Tuition in Manchester

We offer high quality professional Martial Arts tuition with internationally recognised professional instructors and coaches.

We cover a wide range of skill Levels and age rangers from 6 to 90 and for Beginners to Advanced.

  • Professional Instructor with over 40 years’ experience
  • Individually tailored session depending on ability and skills
  • Fully Equipped Martial Art Centre
  • Lessons Available at your home or Office

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Ching Mo Training Camps are a fantastic way to develop and train intensively over 2 days you can really get to grips with the different training methods and it gives you a great chance to try other aspects you might normally not get to try

High Quality 1 to 1 Martial arts tuition with professional instructors

Whether you’re trying to start martial arts or improve your skills. Our professional instructors and coaches can help you.

We’ve Helped hundreds of customers start on the Martial arts path and get the results they wanted whether its personal development, guidance within their own system or they may be looking to start teaching themselves.

We understand that everyone has different abilities and skills so we create a program that will bring the individual to the level and skills that they require, this takes into account the ability and goals of the individual.

Our tuition is of the highest quality and is excellent value for money.

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Our Centre Facilities include a main gym area and a smaller gym area with male and female toilets a open reception area and lockers to store your personal items and a Chinese medicine surgery with treatments in Acupuncture, Acupressure and Sports Injury Treatments, you will have use of the small gym area before and after your session should you wish to cool down relax and go over anything you need to practice included Free of charge.

  • Flexible Appointment Times
  • Top Professional Instructors and Coaches
  • Free use of Small gym before & after Session
  • Discounted prices on Chinese Medicine Treatment’s
  • Secure lockers and changing facilities
  • Discounted costs on Training Equipment

How You will Learn Martial Arts With Us

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Fitness Training / Assesments

When you join and take one of our courses we carry out a basic fitness assessment to get an understanding of your needs which then allows us to put together your personal development.


Development of Skills

We put together your personal development and training program which allows the student to progress at their own pace with achievable goals set for each session and each program

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Personal Development Skills

As you start your 1 to 1 training program to develop your confidence in your skills you can adjust your training program, our professional instructors will guide you through to the next stage of your development including international training trips

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Our Instruction Team

Our Instruction team have had the highest level of tuition and undergone rigorous teaching program both in the UK and Hong Kong with international recognition to ensure that each individual customer and student will receive the very best the Ching Mo Centre has to offer.

Intensive Fitness Courses

Residential Fitness and Specialist Martial arts Retreats

“Four years ago I walked in to Ching Mo and I haven’t looked back. As a women training in Wing Chun I found this centre very welcoming. Sifu Miriam is a true inspiration.”
Diane Carton
Credit controller
I’ve been training with Siffu since 2012 and recently started on a bespoke one-to-one programme with him.
Since beginning on this new programme, I have lost 10lb in weight and improved my Martial Arts skills considerably.
If you would like to make dramatic changes in a short period of time, I would highly recommend this bespoke program.
Stephen Khan
Co – CEO Via Developments Plc Manchester
“Being involved with Martial Arts along with my father has made me understand to power of posative focus and how that impacts on my life, along with developing my fitness and I have never looked back.”
Daryle Myers

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Professional Instuctors

All our Instructors and Coaches have had intensive training in all areas to Martial Arts development, Teaching and personal fitness development.

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1 to 1 Tuition

Personal or 1-to-1 session form some of the best in tuition, this is normally seen as the best and fastest way to develop your skills or just improve your understanding.

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Safe Training Space

Our training environment is a safe and secure area which means you are free to discuss your fears and needs from each session; each training area is separate from the main area so your session will be private and personal.

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Fully Equiped Centre

Our full time centre is fully equipped with all the vitals for your development, smooth exercise floor with mirrors, sit-up benches, medicine balls, resistance training bands, full Martial Arts training equipment from focus mitts, kick pads, wooden weapons, to traditional wooden training dummies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Am I to old to start learning a Martial Art?

Your never to old to start learning, many people just start to get fit and devlop a better understanding of their own body, or just want a hobbie they can enjoy with other like minded people.

Q What is the youngest age you teach from?

Our junior Classes the Little Dragons start from the age of 6 years old and range upto 15 years old from which many then progress to the adults sessions

Q Do you run any Corporate Courses?

We run a number of Corporate courses based on self defence, martial arts for team building, relaxation and stress releaving.

Q How fit do I have to be to start Martial Arts classes?

To start you just need the energy to attend your firat class, you will get fit during the class and you can pick your intensity level be it pushing your self hard or lighter more relaxed for just improving your health.

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