Little Dragons

Ching Mo Little Dragons

Our Children’s session The Little Dragons runs every Saturday from 10am to 11am and incorporates basic exercise for fitness, Wing Chun hand forms and training drills and communication skills. Our students learn to help younger and less experienced students and this helps to develop further leadership skills and helps to build confidence. Alongside the Little Dragons class, we run a parents class which allows the parent to train at the same time.

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Once a Little Dragon reaches the required grade they are assessed and if able to pass this assessment progress to the next grade. However unlike many other martial arts clubs, we do not charge for the little Dragons assessment as we feel this is something the child has earned with focus, concentration and hard work, therefore a pass is not guaranteed “just for turning up”.

Due to health and safety regulations and child protection we do not allow any adults not participating with his or her child in our class while the children train. Once a month we invite the parents in 15 minutes before the class finishes so that they can watch the children train. Whilst we understand that you would enjoy seeing your child taking part we have the protection of your child and that of the other children in mind and therefore we do not allow any filming of this class. If this is something that you want, you can ask for some time to be set aside to film your own child showing some of their skills working alongside a class mentor / assistant or instructor.

The way our classes work is as follows:

When a child attends for the first time we put them on a 4 consecutive session trial period which gives your child and the other children a chance to work together and to get a feel for the class. We find this to be the best way for the children as taking part in a few classes will give your child a feel for our school, teaching and the group, and it allows you a chance to chat with your child over a few sessions so you yourself get a feel and understanding of what your child thinks before committing to a year’s membership and registration. If however you feel that your child wishes to start straight away, then we can enrol them on the day which then secures their place for that year.

For more information on pricing please contact us directly

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