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Chi Sau Training Day May 2024 (Please note this event is cancelled)

May 18 @ 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM


The Wing Chun Chi Sau seminar is an event focused on the practice and refinement of Chi Sau, which translates to “sticking hands.” Chi Sau is a central training method in Wing Chun, aimed at developing sensitivity, reflexes, and the ability to read and respond to an opponent’s energy. Here’s what you might expect from such a seminar:

  1. Introduction to Chi Sau: The seminar may begin with an overview of Chi Sau’s significance in Wing Chun training, its practical applications in combat.
  2. Basic Chi Sau Drills: Participants will engage in basic Chi Sau drills to familiarise themselves with the principles of contact, sensitivity, and structure. These drills typically involve maintaining contact with a partner’s arms while practicing techniques such as Pak Sau (slapping hand), Lap Sau (pulling hand), and rolling.
  3. Intermediate and Advanced Techniques: As the seminar progresses, participants will explore more complex Chi Sau techniques and concepts, including various hand positions, changes of direction, and trapping techniques. They’ll learn how to flow seamlessly between different hand techniques and adapt to changes in their partner’s energy.
  4. Applications in Combat: In addition to drilling specific techniques, the seminar may include discussions and demonstrations of how Chi Sau principles can be applied in real-world self-defence scenarios. Participants will learn how to translate their Chi Sau skills into effective responses to different types of attacks and situations.
  5. Partner Exercises and Sparring: Participants will have the opportunity to engage in Chi Sau with multiple partners, allowing them to develop sensitivity to different body types, energies, and skill levels.
  6. Feedback and Corrections: Throughout the seminar, Master Billy Davidson will provide feedback, corrections, and individualised guidance to help participants refine their Chi Sau skills and overcome any technical challenges.
  7. Theory and Philosophy: In addition to practical training, the seminar may include discussions on the theoretical principles and philosophical concepts underlying Chi Sau and Wing Chun as a whole. This can deepen participants’ understanding of the art and its principles.

Overall, the Wing Chun Chi Sau seminar offers practitioners an opportunity to deepen their understanding of this foundational aspect of the art, refine their skills, and connect with other Wing Chun enthusiasts in a supportive and collaborative environment.


May 18
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
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Sifu Billy Davidson
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Ching Mo Cabin
Manchester, M32 9AJ United Kingdom
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